Sex Therapy: What is it, what to expect

Sex Therapy is a specialized type of talk therapy that is dedicated to helping clients improve their sexual function, explore sexual identity and improve intimacy with partners.

A Sex Therapist is a licensed mental health professional who specializes in sexuality and relationships. In a session with a Sex Therapist he or she will take a detailed sexual history, assess for factors contributing to the presenting problem, and will work with the client and/or couple to create reasonable goals for treatment. We will then begin working toward those goals through a combination of education, supportive counseling, and homework assignments as appropriate.

Sex Therapy can help with:

  • Recovering/discovering sexuality after sexual abuse

  • Loss of libido, pain during intercourse, erectile dysfunction(without medical cause)

  • Questioning gender and sexual identity

  • Resuming sex after childbirth

  • Resuming sex after change in health

  • Improving intimacy with partner

Things to Know:

Nothing sexual will happen in the therapy office

Nothing sexual will happen with the therapist

Sex Therapy is a form of talk therapy that specializes in issues of sexuality

I am LGBTQAI and kink supportive

I am a LCSW and have additional training in Sexuality and related issues

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